Forgeant Launches Fastest and Most Efficient Way to Track Employee Engagement

BOSTON, December 9, 2019 — Forgeant today announced the Forgeant Employee Experience Platform (EXA), the fastest and most efficient way to track employee engagement. Available to businesses in the U.S. immediately, Forgeant’s EXA platform will enable managers to keep a pulse on employee engagement in real-time, while only taking a few seconds of employees’ time every week.

“All good managers want to keep their finger on the pulse of how their employees are feeling, but all of the current software that tracks employee engagement involves surveys that employees don’t like filling out, and employers don’t have time to analyze,” said Josh Drean, co-founder of Forgeant. “We’re on a mission to kill these employee engagement surveys with an alternative that gives employees an easy way to communicate how they’re feeling in seconds.”

Instead of collecting feedback via an employee engagement survey weekly, monthly, or quarterly, Forgeant EXA weaves sentiment analysis into employees’ daily routines. Key features include:

  • Notification-based system for engaging employees— Every day, employees receive a notification on their desktop asking them how they’re feeling about work today. In less than a second, the employee can select from a series of four options, ranging from extremely satisfied to extremely dissatisfied. 
  • Chatbot to retrieve qualitative data: For employees who express dissatisfaction, a chatbot will appear to gather more information about the source of their dissatisfaction. Responding to the chatbot is optional. 
  • Action center to help design a better employee experience: Managers will be able to easily view trends in employee satisfaction in a user-friendly dashboard. With Forgeant EXA, managers can both identify changes in an employee’s satisfaction, as well as pinpoint departement-wide issues affecting morale across multiple employees. 

“The way we see it, you can either find out how your employees are feeling now and work to fix it, or you can find out after they quit on Glassdoor,” says  Alexander Noren, co-founder at Forgeant. “Through our beta tests over the last year, companies have consistently told us that we are offering an incredibly easy and effective way to help companies keep their employees happy.”  

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About Forgeant

Forgeant is offering a better alternative to employee engagement surveys, enabling employers to keep a pulse on how their employees are feeling in real time. Forgeant was incubated at the Harvard Innovation Labs. To learn more, visit

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